Its publications

The E.B.U. Review

The mein publication of the European Broadcasting Union is the “E.B.U. Review” which appears in two separate, French and English, editions and which consists of two Parts, published alternately, each month:

  • PART A – TECHNICAL, published in Brussels by the Technical Centre of the E.B.U.
  • PART B – GENERAL AND LEGAL, published at Geneva by the Administrative Office of the E.B.U.

In 1958, the E.B.U. Review took the place of the E.B.U. Bulletin, which contained technical information and articles, as well as those relating to programmes and to legal matters.

The aim of the E.B.U. Review is to keep the Members of the E.B.U. informed of all facts and problems concerning sound and television broadcasting, not only in Europe, but throughout the world. Each issue of the E.B.U. Review contains several articles, in most cases written by specialists belonging to broadcasting organisations that are Members of the E.B.U. Each issue, moreover, contains a comprehensive news section which is in the main based on news items regularly received from special correspondents that the E.B.U. Review has within the various organisations. The E.B.U. Review therefore forms a link between the Members of the Union, keeping each of them informed of the activities of the other organisations in the field of programmes, engineering and law. For non-professional readers interested in broadcasting, the E.B.U. Review represents an interesting source of documentation on the problems it poses and on its development.

Let us add that several special issues of the E.B.U. Review have been devoted to the study of questions of particular interest to broadcasting organisations. Thus, the problems of scenic design in television, and of school and educational television, were the subject of special issues of Part B, in which Members of the Union put forward their points of view and reported on their achievements.

The E.B.U. Review, finally, is a faithful reflection for all the E.B.U.’s activities. The meetings of its statutory organs, such as its Working Parties, are the subject of reports that regularly keep the readers informed of the activity of the Union.

Information concerning the E.B.U. Review may be obtained from the permanent establishments.

Reports and lists of stations

In order to keep the Members of the Union informed of the situation in the various wavebands utilised in broadcasting, the Technical Centre of the E.B.U. issues the following publications:
  • two annual reports on long and medium waves, brought up to date by two-monthly supplements that essentially summarise the observations made by the E.B.U. Receiving and Measuring Station;
  • an annual list of broadcasting stations in the European Broadcasting Area on long and medium waves, by country, as well as a map showing the locations of these stations;
  • two or three monthly reports on reception conditions af a [sic] short-wave band at different points on the globe;
  • an annual list of European VHF sound broadcasting stations;
  • an annual list of European television stations, as well as a map showing the location of these stations.
The two last-mentioned lists are brought up to date by bimonthly supplements.

Technical Monographs

As stated earlier, several monographs dealing with specialised technical subjects are at present being prepared. The most recent technical monographs published are: On the utilisation of synchronised transmitters for broadcasting – Notification and registration of frequencies – Television satellite stations – New methods of producing television frequency – assignment plans – Ionospheric propagation on long and medium waves.

The tehnical monographs, as well as the reports and lists of stations, are published by the Technical Centre of the E.B.U. 32, avenue Albert Lancaster, Brussels 18.